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3.Qote through Excel
5.Credit your account
6.Order Statuses

1. Registration

In right top corner of the website you can see an icon      
Please click on  icon with your mouse; it will bring you to a page with registration. For further registration of your personal account please fill all the necessary data within the fields provided
*(star) marked fields are must to be filled

After agreeing with all the terms and conditions you will se the following page:

After registration you will receive a verification letter where you will have to follow the link to activate your personal account with G-Force Parts


By clicking on Icon 
you will follow to main page of our website where you can see the field with example of part number. Filling required part number and clicking on icon you will be able to see result of your search on given part number. In column - shown Manufacturer and origin of the spare part In column - shown catalogue number of the spare part In search results you are offered with two pricing ranges. In first you will see the part number that you have been searching for. In second you will be offer an to spare parts you request. Stock- is showing real live stock in warehouses of our suppliers, icon means that this spare part can be supplied in necessary quantity. - shows a real weight of 1 piece of product in kilograms. Icon <****> is indicating that you are not signed in. - shows geographical location of the spare part you require. - indicates a price of 1 piece of product in American Dollars $ To add required Spare Parts to your cart, point on quantity with your mouse and press an icon . 3.Getting Quote There is one more way to get prices for thee parts you require, through Excel file. In upper menu you will have an icon - clicking an icon you will have a menu where you will have to choose the file with necessary Excel file name. But lease remember that these rules are must to follow to get the correct quote: In Excel Sheet: Column A must be empty Column B must contain only Part Numbers Column C only required quantity of spare part Pressing an Icon all the quoted parts will be deleted Pricing Icon you will add all the items to your cart When downloading Excel file, it will contain all the quoted part numbers. 4.Cart Quantity of thee spare parts could be changed inside from inside of the cart, you can do it by clicking on the with your mouse. Column indicates while processing your order only the spare part number will be supplied, otherwise if this part number is not available your order will be canceled! Column indicates it means that your order will be processed with only mentioned quantity, otherwise order will be canceled. - you can process all the items from your cart only if you have a positive credit balance on your account. In case where your balance is 0, cart will save your items for the period of 15 days only. means to delete all the items from the cart. Your cart will always contain same information and you can enter your account from different computers. 5.Credit your Balance This page contains bank details of our company. In details of transfer you should definitely include your User ID or your email. 6.Status of your order System automatically creates specific number to your order. After placing your order, order gets into menu There are multiple statuses of orders may appear: indicates that you order went to verification with our suppliers. At this stage you still can cancel your order. this part was received by us and will go to sorting and packing. this spare part is not available; please try to order it from our other locations. Or if the part number was ordered with limitation or it means that limitation has worked and spare part will not be ordered! If you are using limitations Q and N only this part number or only this quantity will be ordered otherwise status will indicate as < Spare part was canceled by user in this case confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address mentioned in your details. Please check your e-mail as frequent as possible. You will get notifications of price changes. System will Automatically change your balance according to price changes. means that spare part was purchased from supplier and on its way to our ware house. means that you accept all the modifications done to price or quantity done while processing your order.